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Who we are

Mission Statement

Since its inception in 1962, Laine Theatre Arts has been dedicated to the fostering of creative talent. Among our alumni are some of the most highly regarded performers, teachers, choreographers, and director-choreographers in the world. The College’s outstanding reputation in the perfroming arts has been built on its unique identity as a training provider, exceptional employment records, and the company values instilled in its students which are noted, time and again by employers.

For over fifty years, training at the College developed under the personal direction of its founder, Miss Betty Laine OBE. Now, in 2023, Laine begins a new chapter – one that builds on past achievement to further embrace the exhilaration and challenge of developing young artists as they realise their potential in a future where the skills they learn…resourcefulness, adaptability, resilience… are more important than ever.


Laine is unique….

Those familiar with Laine Theatre Arts agree unanimously that it is a unique environment. One in which training grows out of an artistic energy embedded in the college’s atmosphere, in the collective pride of its student population and in the fabric of the building itself.


So what is a ‘Lainey’?

Laine students have a strong collective mindset. They are energised. They are kind and disciplined. They get the job done…and they seem to teach the next lot how to do it, too.


The Training…

The high-calibre training at Laine Theatre Arts prepares students to work as musical theatre company members or specialists in the contemporary or commercial dance sectors. The curriculum combines top-level musical theatre training with the opportunity for specialist focus in dance, musical theatre or acting. The College celebrates the creative potential of every student it trains and gives full value to the unique contribution each has to make.



Laine Theatre Arts is proud of its largely resident teaching faculty. The high standards that have become synonymous with the name ‘Laine’ are in no small part due to the skill, care and consistency of its in-house teaching team working in tandem with visiting industry professionals to ensure training is always current and reflective of positive and inclusive industry practice.


The future …

We are committed to further developing Laine Theatre Arts as a warm, safe space for students to explore their craft and hone their skills. The vision we have for the future is simple: to ensure that the values of equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to creating an environment that is representative of society and one which allows us to learn from the perspectives of others. We strongly believe that fostering a diverse community of students and staff is vital to the future reputation of Laine Theatre Arts as a world-class provider of vocational performing arts training.