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Access & Participation

Here at Laine Theatre Arts, the promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lies at the very heart of our ethos as a leading provider of arts education and training. We are continuously working to fulfil our ongoing commitment to these core values, ensuring that students from all backgrounds are able to access LTA training. We are committed to widen the variety of outreach opportunities to engage and support both the local and wider communities in accessing the rich benefits of performing arts.

LTA Access and Participation Forum (made up of LTA staff members, LTA alumni, industry professionals and current students) work together to establish support and opportunities for current and future students, staff and the wider community, contributing to discussions and fostering changes that will continue to make our training accessible and achievable to all, making positive change within Performing Arts Industry.

Our A&P Forum includes industry professionals all of whom provide expert advice, insight and experience to our faculty and students.

Liam Tamne
Chair of A&P Forum

Tanisha Spring

Ronnie Lee

Ebony Molina


LTA provide outreach opportunities both in person and remotely online, establishing partnerships with schools, colleges and performing arts organisations across cultural, education and related sectors. We collaborate with partner organisations to offer support and increasing opportunities for our current students, aspiring performers nationwide and the education sector.


School/College Visits

LTA offer visits to your school/college or for you to visit us. This can range from us attending one of your career fairs and Industry Panels to a more bespoke workshop such as us delivering an industry led practical session followed by Q&A to help students understand wider career possibilities in the performing arts. We can also offer some of our opportunities for schools and colleges remotely online.


CPD Training

Do you want to give young people more opportunities to improve their health and well being whilst accessing the physical and creative benefits of Performing Arts?

We offer training to schools and colleges to engage with people and champion best practise in Performing Arts across the region. Help your students develop their self-esteem, self-expression, social skills and knowledge about a plethora of themes linked to your creative curriculum. Opportunities can include upskilling teachers with delivering Performing Arts projects and curriculum development with top  advice on how to structure inclusive, engaging and high quality performing arts sessions, including but not limited to production management, musical direction, technique and content delivery, Industry advice. In addition we can offer one hour workshops in Dance, Acting and Singing as part of CPD  (Continued Professional Development). These sessions are delivered by our LTA representatives and professional faculty.

Contact CPD@lta-staff.co.uk  for more information.


Regional Workshops

LTA work closely with our regional LTA representatives to deliver free full day workshops Nationwide, including Industry led practical sessions and Q&A with our highly experienced faculty and professional workshop leads. Regionals are suitable for ages 15+ and  will be advertised on our website and social platforms for you to book online throughout the year.

Taster Days

Our free Taster Days give aspiring performers the opportunity to visit our studios and experience being led by some of the best in the business including our successful  graduates and representatives in practical workshops followed by Q&A, offering insight to the West End and Commercial performance industry. Taster days are suitable for ages 15+ and will be advertised on our website and social platforms  for you to book online throughout the year.


LTA Experience Theatre Days

Our Experience Theatre Days are the ideal occasion for you to bring a group of students and for individuals to visit, have a tour of our studios, experience being led by our highly expertised faculty and professional graduates, supported by our student ambassadors in practical workshops and watch our students perform in their end of year showcases and events, giving participants the chance to see how  Diploma and Degree training  can get them closer to their professional aspirations. There are also opportunities for Q&A throughout the day to gain more insight to the  training avenues available at Laine.

Scouting Programme

We  have a Scouting Outreach Programme in collaboration with professional graduates and nationwide organisations /companies. These partners work with Laine in order to identify young talent from diverse cultural socio-economic backgrounds, and young people who will consider a three year vocational drama training to be culturally or financially inaccessible. The scheme offers free auditions and helps with travel to auditions if required.


Short Courses

We offer short courses including Summer schools, Easter courses and Boy’s days. All events can be booked via our website. Where courses are longer than one day, support is available for signposting to suitable accommodation.

LTA offer subsequent fee waivers and free placements on LTA Audition days and Short Courses for eligible students.  The LTA Scholarship fund continues to provide free support for talented students who would be unable to train without subsidised fees. We are dedicated to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, inclusivity and equality of opportunity are embedded as core training values and our serious commitment to access and participation is reflected in every aspect of college life.


Get in Touch

We are always looking for ways to expand our network and work with different sectors in the Arts including schools, youth groups, theatres  and colleges to encourage young people to experience performing arts and training at higher education level. If you have a bespoke request which is not covered in our current activities listed, please get in touch with our Outreach Lead at joleahy@laine-theatre-arts.co.uk