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Empowering The next generation of exceptional artists since 1974

Learn & develop with us

Open classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Laine Performing Arts Centre (29 East Street, Epsom). We offer classes in ballet, tap, contemporary and commercial jazz to adults aged 16+ and cater for all levels of experience. All classes are expert-led and aim to provide a fun, fulfilling learning experience in a safe and professional environment.
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The Laine Theatre Arts Junior Department is a dynamic, thriving part-time school for children and young people aged 3-18 yrs.  We offer recreational dance, drama and musical theatre classes for pupils who seek to have fun learning new skills, meet like-minded people, and build personal confidence. We are also in the process of developing a new, pre-professional pathway for pupils of secondary school age who are interested in training with a focus on what is required of a young performer seeking to enter the theatre industry as a career choice.
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Betty Laine Management is the in-house agency that works in conjunction with Laine Theatre Arts. Betty Laine Management offers representation to all current students. The aim of the agency is to introduce students to a wide variety of opportunities within the performing arts and creative sector. Our graduates accept contracts within the West-End, Touring, Film, Television & Media, Regional, Cruise industry and internationally.
The agency has strong industry connections with top casting directors and creatives, which facilitates an outstanding graduate employment rate.
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