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Student Life

Laine is committed to ensuring that the College functions as a Safe Space in which all students can flourish academically, artistically and personally, celebrating the gifts that each individual brings to the table.

As such, student well-being is our top priority, and Laine is committed to nurturing, empowering, and supporting its student population. We continually strive to create a happy, inclusive community, supported by a pastoral care team comprised of Head of Student Services, Student Administrator, Injury Management Lead, Learning Support Lead, College Counsellors, the College Safeguarding Team.

Our aim is to ensure our students’ mental and physical health and well-being are supported throughout the duration of their training, allowing them to fully focus on their studies and to fulfil their career potential. We operate an open-door policy, where students can approach any member of the faculty with any issue they are facing in the first instance, before being directed to a specific support network.

The Student Services Department is constantly seeking to widen its reach and increase the network of external providers that work with the college on all matters of health and wellbeing.  The provision we offer is frequently reviewed to ensure it remains responsive to the needs of the current student body and that the student voice plays a vital and ongoing role in both shaping the service and ensuring it is fit for purpose.

If you would like any more information on the role and provision of Student Services at Laine, please see the student handbook and associated policies contained within the ‘policies’ section of this website.