Charlie Shae-Waddell

"As a performer you cannot always predict what the future holds. Having gained an insight and appreciation for the entertainment industry as a whole, the degree program has set myself up for a more certain and long term future in the world of entertainment that

Konstatinos Karappitas

"This course has allowed me to explore all aspects of the musical theatre industry, from the financial to the creative perspective. It has allowed me to understand how productions are constructed and what it means to be part of a creative team. Throughout the process, I

Claudia Bahrani

"The degree course has been challenging and pushed me to develop new skills and gain a wealth of knowledge as a businesswoman, creative and performer. The course content has inspired me to develop my capability in areas such as creative thinking and choreography. I now

Erin Chapman

"I have gained huge insight into the inner workings of the arts industry and I hope to utilise this as a performer going forward. The combination of academic work and musical theatre has ignited a new outlook on my craft that can only aid me