TIRED movement Partnership

Laine are honoured to join in partnership with the TIRED movement and are committed to working closely with the movement’s co-founders Stacey Green and Laura Grant to develop representation within arts education and industries.

We are committed to building a more inclusive, informative, and safe space for open, honest conversations to occur, so we can ensure artists and teachers of today and the future provide a more inclusive and authentic learning/working environment.

Laine Theatre Arts wholeheartedly endorse the Tired movement’s children and adult dancewear range, SHADES, the first UK dance brand to provide four shades of skin tone in all their products to allow dancers to retain their cultural identity and embrace their ethnicity.

“We are excited to be working with the students and staff at Laine Theatre Arts in September and are grateful for the support and the shared vision of improving racial equity within all areas of the arts sector.”

The SHADES range is available at: SHADES Dancewear – Tired Movement