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This one-year programme has been designed to enhance the skillset of those who haveundertaken vocational training by encouraging themto look for inspiration in research asthey develop a critical vocabulary to think, plan and talk about musical theatre in depth.Students are encouraged to embark upon adventures in musical theatre through initiallyinvestigating the roles of Producers and Creative teams in the early stages of production.The insight gained here is taken into the evaluation of existing musical theatre production.These skills culminate to inform students’ professional practice, allowing them to findsolutions to the challenges posed by the ever-changing musical theatre scene.

Our aim is to increase your confidence in artistic criticism and creative risk-taking whileremaining true to your artistry. We believe that students discover by doing, byexperimenting, by trial and error, as well as reading, listening, and watching, and by buildinga practice that is founded in research in the widest sense.

“Our ethos is to instil confidence in our students confidence that they can enter the industry and make their individual contribution to society and the economy; confidence that they can seize opportunity and work to the highest ethical standards, and confidence that they are specialists in the field; meaning they possess a vocabulary through which they can articulate ideas to a range of people – whether that be investors, producers, directors, choreographers, casting directors, other performers, or audiences. The combination of this ensures our graduates can create a career that gives them the greatest sense of fulfilment.”

Andrew Hudson, Course Leader


The course programme is flexible and adaptable to accommodate a variety of personal situations.

The course operates across two semesters:

  • Semester 1: September to December (15 weeks)
  • Semester 2: January to April (15 weeks)View our provisional course calendar for 2022-2023: click here



Fees: £9,250 (plus £200 registration fee)
Fee payment plans are available, allowing for monthly or quarterly payments.
At present student finance is not available for this course, however we encourage applicants to consider applying to educational trusts and foundations to seek funding.

It is hoped student finance will be available from September 2023.




The Musical Theatre Landscape

This area of study runs across the entire degree and encourages students to broaden their understanding of the industry. Tasks are completed on a weekly basis and do not contribute to the final degree mark.


“I have gained huge insight into the inner workings of the arts industry and I hope to utilise this as a performer going forward. The combination of academic work and musical theatre has ignited a new outlook on my craft that can only aid me in my career. Prior to this course, I had never considered a creative role within musical theatre, however, thanks to the demands of the degree course, my eyes have been opened to the plethora of possibilities available in such a field.”

Erin Chapman
Erin graduates into the international tour of CATS

“The degree course has been challenging and pushed me to develop new skills and gain a wealth of knowledge as a businesswoman, creative and performer. The course content has inspired me to develop my capability in areas such as creative thinking and choreography. I now have variation in short and long – term career options and without the help from the course leaders, I would not have had the courage to discover such a diverse range of creative paths.”

Claudia Bahrani
Erin graduates into the international tour of Mamma Mia!

“This course has allowed me to explore all aspects of the musical theatre industry, from the financial to the creative perspective. It has allowed me to understand how productions are constructed and what it means to be
part of a creative team. Throughout the process, I have found passion for choreographing, directing and costume designing as much as performing.”

Konstatinos Karappitas
Konstantinos will be joining the cast of performers at Disneyland Paris

“As a performer you cannot always predict what the future holds. Having gained an insight and appreciation for the entertainment industry as a whole, the degree program has set myself up for a more certain and long term future in the world of entertainment that I love. By broadening my understanding of all the elements within the performance arts industry, it has sparked a passion for the entrepreneurial and choreographic side of theatre which I am truly grateful for.”

Charlie Shae-Waddell
Charlie graduates into the production of Cabaret, at the Lido2Paris.
(Dir: Taylor Walker)



Prior to starting the course, you must hold one of the following:

  • Level 5 (or above) Trinity College London diploma
  • Higher National Diploma
  • A relevant qualification awarded at Level 5
  • Experienced, professional musical theatre practitioner


For students studying on the three-year Level 6 Diploma at Laine, the Level 5 Trinity College London diploma is awarded at the end of the student’s second year of training. The majority of students study on the degree course alongside completing the third year of their diploma study. Each year, we also welcome students to study with us at degree level whilst completing their diplomas at other colleges as well as those who have completed training.




We are interested in the person you want to become.


Do you desire to:

  • Challenge the mainstream and test the boundaries?
  • Position your professional practice at the forefront of the industry?
  • Step out of your comfort zone, explore new topics and consider new points of view?
  • Become an independent learner and decision maker?
  • Commit to finding the times and places where you can learn most efficiently?


If this sounds like the type of person that you want to become, then we whole heartedly welcome you to study with us here at Laine Theatre Arts.


Application Process:

  1. Online Application Form
    • The online form requires personal details, emergency contact, education & qualifications, professional experience, medical declaration
    • Statement of intent. We will ask you to write about why you have chosen to study Musical Theatre and your personal goals. We encourage you to write openly about your experiences and what truthfully interests you. [1250 characters / approx 250 words].
    • All applications are responded to within six weeks
  2. Interview
    • The interview is a chance for us to find out more about your interests and why you want to study at degree level
  3. Outcome
    • Within two weeks of your interview you will be notified of the outcome.
    • If you are offered a place you will then need to complete a registration form and pay non-refundable deposit of £200 in order to secure your place for September

Application deadline: 31st June

(late applications may be considered, subject to availability of places)

Prior to starting in September students are required to complete our Summer Assignments. These explore key skills in Research, Reading, Listening and Watching, allowing incoming students to identify their present academic skills and the areas they would like to improve.


I am about to start my final year of study on a Level 6 Trinity London Diploma at another college, can I continue diploma study at my current college and enrol on the degree course at Laine?

Yes. Each year a number of students complete the final year of their Trinity London Diploma, whether at Laine or at another college, whilst also studying on the one-year top up degree. If you are in this situation, you must let your current college know your plans in order to secure their understanding and support.


Is it difficult to complete the third year of my diploma alongside the degree?

Diploma study, whether at Laine or elsewhere, typically operates Monday-Friday during the day. In order to allow for diploma study and degree study, we have structured all contact time around evenings, weekends or typical school holidays. It is an intensive year of study, but you should find course content stimulating and enriching.


Is there a minimum age for the course?

No, but you must meet our application requirements


Is this a full-time course?

Yes, the course is full-time. We do not follow conventional working hours, meaning there is flexibility around when you study. The Course requires that you spend between 200 (modules 1-3) and 600 (module 4) learning hours on each module. A large portion of this is independent study, which may include your own practice; whether you are a working practitioner or studying on a vocational programme.


Is the course suitable for those already working in the industry?

Each year we welcome students who are already working in the industry. These individuals sometimes want to enhance their current skills or explore new ones. The structure of our modules allows students to delve into the parts of the industry that interest them most, this can be beneficial to anyone considering switching career paths.


Does the course involve a lot of writing? And how much of the course is practical?

There are a variety of assessment types, including portfolio, essay, presentation, performance, and viva. This range of assessments gives students maximum opportunity to demonstrate their achievement of the programmes learning. The first three modules will require sitting down to conduct research and submitting written work (although in Module 2 you also get to give a presentation). In Module 4 (Feb-April) you will also work practically in order to stage an extract from a musical.


At application stage, what do you look for in the statement of intent?

We are looking for honesty. We are keen to know where you are coming from, what you want to learn and where you want to go. You should dedicate significant time to writing your statement, perhaps over the course of a week.


What do you look for in the interview?

The interview is a chance for us to get to know you. This is a chance for you to make sure this is something you definitely want to do and ask any questions about the course.


I have a pantomime contract in December, can I get an approved absence for the Campus Study Day I will miss?

We are unable to approve absences. Students are expected to take ownership of their learning throughout the year and catch-up on any content they have missed. Attendance is recorded and you will receive attendance reports throughout the year.


How many students study the degree each year?

Our average cohort size is 40 students.


Will I take acting / dance / singing classes as part of the degree?

On the degree we do not teach you performance skills, it is a pre-requisite that you come onto the course with these skills. We work in a way that enhances your current skillset and encourages you to develop your performance skills through independent learning and discovery.